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  • When are the ski trips?
    These are the planned trip dates, subject to change (very unlikely) Christmas Trip - 16th to 24th December, Pas de la Casa Easter Trip - 1st to 8th April, Location TBA Sign up to club emails to recieve updates as soon as more details are announced
  • Who can go on the trips?
    Anyone! You don't even need to be at uni here Bring your halls mates, course mates, home mates, school mates we don't care as long as they're up for a good time. All you need is a Club Membership to get on board
  • I need to get in contact with NUCO, how can I?"
    NUCO FAQ: Customer helpline: 01614023600
  • Can I rent ski/snowboard equipment?
    Sure, the options are on the NUCO booking page once that becomes available, and you will collect it in resort when you arrive
  • HELP! I've booked a ski trip and now can't go, what can I do?"
    NUCO offer a name-change service (at £100), you just need to find someone to swap with, or get in touch and we might be able to put you in touch with someone on a waiting list.
  • I don't wanna go on the trip events, can I sell my ticket?"
    Sure, just post on the Facebook page and if you're lucky someone will buy it from you!
  • When does my coach leave?
    Check your booking info from NUCO, all the details are on there
  • Can I make sure I'm in a room with my friends / how big are they?
    Room allocations will open once booking has closed, but be sure to get on it ASAP, the rooms fill up super fast. Sign up to SUSSC emails to be notified as soon as they open. Room sizes are usually 4, 6 and 8 beds.
  • Eating on trip???
    Each room has a kitchenette, and every coach endeavours to stop at a supermarket on the way to resort, plus there are several supermarkets in resort. We would defo recommend bringing some basics tho - pasta, pesto etc as it can be super busy and expensive
  • I need to change my booking
    Get in contact with NUCO NUCO FAQ: Customer helpline: 01614023600
  • How long is the journey and roughly when do we get back?
    The coach and ferry takes around 20hrs, overnight (don't worry its so much easier than it sounds) and we will get back at roughly midday on the day of arrival for the trip.
  • I can't get on waiting list and wanna come on trip
    The waiting list is currently maxed out at 50 people, and trip is fully sold out. We are trying to get more beds, and there are always several people who cancel their booking each year so there is scope to move up the list. Keep your eyes on SUSSC social media for any updates when they come.
  • I've never skied/snowboarded before but I wanna get involved!
    We run beginner lessons from the start of the year at Southampton Dryslope to get you up to speed before Christmas Trip. Sign up to the club to receive updates on when these begin at the start of the year!
  • I've never done Freestyle/Racing before, can I still have a go?"
    100%. Most of our team members had never done it before either and regularly progress to top 40 at national championships by the end of their degree. Join our Team SUSSC Facebook to find out more.
  • Can I get any SUSSC merch?
    Yup, stash is available until 8-Nov on Past that deadline, the kit will be ordered and delivered for collection in Stags a week later. Another load will become available in January.
  • How do I get discount codes for our sponsors?
    Once our sponsors have been announced, having become a member on SUSU boxoffice you will receive an email with all your codes.
  • My company wants to get involved with you, how do I get in touch?"
    Email us at, we'll get back to you asap, the more the merrier!

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